Saturday, May 12, 2007

Albanian Go Bible for Java enabled Mobile Phones

Since my earlier posts about Go Bible and ThML Viewer, I have successfully used GoBibleCreator 2.2.2 to make the Albanian Go Bible for Java enabled mobile phones. I have installed this on my K750i model and it works seamlessly.

A copy has been sent to Jolon Faichney, the owner of the Go Bible site, so I trust it will not be long before it becomes available for download.

In closing I should say that I also used the same method to create Go Bible versions as follows:
Haitian Creole Translation
Spanish Reina Valera Translation
French Darby Translation
Greek NT (Stephanos 1550)
Korean Translation (untested)
Some of the other ThML files I downloaded using the ThML Reader program have given rise to problems which have not yet been resolved. These can be classed as follows:
Greek (Modern) Translation - Philippians was missing!
Croatian Bible, Latvian NT, Maori NT, Latin Vulgate - all gave parsing errors.