Friday, January 06, 2006

"What About Revelation 20?

Article by Dr Cornelis P. Venema.

Not often would one post a blog by quoting first from the last footnote of an article, but this web-page was found by searching for the exact phrase, "premillennial diplopia".
5. Perhaps this is the place to mention a phrase coined by Jay Adams in his criticism of Premillennialism. Adams uses the phrase ‘premillennial diplopia’ to describe the double-vision that often characterizes its reading of Scripture in general and the book of Revelation in particular. Because differing visions that describe the same history and events are read as though they described different events in sequence, a doubling occurs (two second comings of Christ or victories at the end of the age, two resurrections, etc.). See Jay Adams, The Time Is At Hand, pp. 17-40.
The main article by Cornelis P. Venema is entitled, "What about Revelation 20?". He expounds the structured view of the book of Revelation as championed by William Hendriksen. His first section is headed, "The Millennium is now", so you can see that it's written from an amillennial perspective.

Jay Adams' phrase "premillennial diplopia" was one of the triggers that set me on my journey away from dispensationalism in the 1970s.